Field Trips with Books: Denali

Hey everyone! So I’m trying out a new blog series that’s going to highlight some of my travels with my books. Devouring books is one of two consuming passions I have, the second being exploring new places, especially in gorgeous Alaska.

I’ve been trying to figure out how to meld the two of these together for a few months now. Since I always have a book or two stuffed into my backpack, I came up with the idea of showcasing them on my adventures! It allows me to share some of my photos, and you to see some beautiful Alaskan scenery πŸ™‚


This past weekend I dragged my husband to Denali National Park to do some ridge walking.. the great thing about this park is that you can literally wander wherever you want across a chunk of land the size of Massachusetts.Β  For this trip weΒ scoped out a place called Primrose Ridge, hopped out of the car and headed into the tussocks.

Oh, hello winter!

Up on the ridge we hit about six inches of snow and 60mph winds! Β Saw a heap of animal tracks, mostly bear, dall sheep, and my favorite, wolf. No critters though.. can’t blame them, I nearly got blown off the ridge myself. We had a clear view of Denali, about 100 miles away which is surprisingly rare. Clouds are always moving in so quickly in the Alaskan range that you don’t get to see the mountain that often.

I’d planned on doing some reading in the sun up on the ridge, but the wind and snow killed that idea. Snuck a hardcover out for a quick picture, and then we headed back down off the ridge. Managed to find a whole heap of late season blueberries on the way down, and I went a litttttle crazy.

I’m not called the Blueberry Bitch for nothing..


All in all, a great trip! Probably one of the last down to Denali this year, as the snows are going to start hitting hard and heavy in that region any day now. No book casualties on this trip, thankfully. I had a book fall into a pond a few weeks ago in Seattle.. whoops!


Anyone else bring their books on adventures too? Where’s the craziest place you read? Any good stories? I’d love to hear them!


2 thoughts on “Field Trips with Books: Denali

  1. I’m so jealous that you live in Alaska. I would love to go there some day to visit. It’s absolutely beautiful. I love snow capped mountains. I would love to wake up with a view like that every single day. Wonderful post πŸ˜€


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