Top Ten Tuesday: Villains

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October 4:  All About The Villains

I love me some bad-boys! (Seriously, it was a huge dating problem for me in my younger years..) This Top Ten Tuesday is all about those bastards that you may hate (or secretly love!) in your favorite books, TV shows, whatever. My list is going to be both books and TV, and contains villains I hate and villains I’d date.



acomaf1. Rhysand in ACOTAR. Pretty sure this babe will be top of the list for anyone who’s read the series. His character in ACOTAR is a bit shady, and more than a little secretive. He does some morally questionable things, namely dress Feyre like a harlot and make her give him lap dances, but at the same time is essential to Feyre’s survival. Kind of hard to hate him. And if you haven’t read ACOMAF (otherwise known as a Court of Mist and F*ck Me Rhysand..), hold onto your panties because woooweeeee … there aren’t even words. I’d climb him like a tree.


ignite-me2. Warner in Ignite Me. So Warner was more the villain in the first two books of this series than Ignite Me. He started off as a creepy, ice-cold, stalker type and wound up being the biggest puppy dog ever. I loved him from the beginning, but by the end of the series he was my full on book-boyfriend. AND THE SMUT IN THOSE BOOKS! Oh my lanta, Mafi writes some gorgeous, all-the-feels smut scenes.


 damon_salvatore_x_reader___every_time_i_see_you_by_ailyn147-d7ayqlh3. Damon in Vampire Diaries. I know, I know. Not a book. But, it’s Damon. He’s in such a grey area when it comes to morals.. someone who was created believing himself evil, and therefore incapable of good, but who continuously acts in selfless manners. I less watch Vampire Diaries and more just drool over scenes with him. And then rewind them, re-watch them, rewind .. you get the picture.


142884 4. Dragonstar in Pilgrim. A lot of you might not know the Wayfarer Redemption sextet by Sara Douglass, but Dragonstar (or Drago) is one of the “villains”. He’s been damned by a crime he committed as a baby, stripped of his powers and shunned by his family. He’s reviled by an entire culture for something he doesn’t even remember. The last few books of the sextet focus on him.




100295055. Aleksander in Transformation. IGNORE THE HEINOUS COVER!! Carol Berg, what the hell were you thinking with this one.. Anyway. Aleksander is the main character, Seyonne’s, owner. He’s temperamental, brutal, and arrogant as all hell, and the son of a man who’s conquered the entire continent.

The friendship between Seyonne and Aleksander is beautifully written, and Aleksander remains one of my favorite characters.

 ********** ********** **********


an-ember-in-the-ashes-by-sabaa-tahir6. Commandant in An Ember in the Ashes. She’s a stone cold bitch and the mother of my bae Elias. Not only is she the vicious leader of the Masks, she’s also playing double fiddle to the Nightbringer, making her even crazier.





ramsaybolton7. Ramsay Bolton in Song of Fire and Ice. THIS MAN. Oh this man. To be honest, I didn’t notice him so much in the books but in the shows … oooh I just wanted to flay that smirk off his face. Iwan Rheon does such an amazing job playing this little puke rocket. He does not have one redeeming quality, and I was mesmerized and disgusted at the same time. Watching the ending of the Battle of the Bastards was so damn rewarding. Girl Power.


dolores_umbridge8. Dolores Umbridge in Harry Potter series. I think this bitch is on everyone’s list. Again, didn’t hate her so much in the books, but the actor who played her did such a phenomenal job making her every move evil. Pretty sure if I saw the lady in real life I’d have to be restrained. My hatred for that sweater set wearing, cat plate loving demon know no bounds.



eps9.Maeve in Throne of Glass Series. She’s not even the main villain in this series, but if I had a choice between knifing her or Erawan, I would one hundo percent choose Maeve. Bitch needs to die. Especially after that ending in EOS … I was frothing at the mouth. If her precious immortal life isn’t ended in the last book, I will have some words for Maas.




Okay, I know.. that was only nine. I honestly can’t come up with another though, and work is calling. Here’s to the villains and antagonists that make our books and shows so damn interesting. Stay evil, my friends.



Anyone have a tenth villain for me? Or any insights into any of the ones I listed? I’d love to hear from you!

5 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Villains

  1. Ahhh Damon *sigh* I can’t stop watching that show because of him! LOL not matter how bad it god, thankfully the last season did a complete 360 (right when it’s coming to an end smh) making it watchable. Rhysand has to be the 1st fictional character i’ve lusted after LMAO! Bolton *hides face* never been so disgusted & frightened at the same time while watching TV ever smh, can’t stomach him. Maeve infuriated me the way she did certain characters in, she does deserve what hopefully is coming to her *evil grin*


  2. RHYSSSSSSS!!! ❤ ❤ ❤ I hadn't started ACOMAF yet when I wrote my list, but I'm halfway through and OMG!! I also despised the Commandant and Umbridge – but haven't read most of the other books on this list. :/ I almost used AIDAN from Illuminae in my list, would you consider him a villain?


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