Review: Empire of Storms




SUMMARY: Essentially, Aelin and her crew run around Erilea, coercing people into being their allies and calling in old debts. Nothing goes to plan, Erawan/Perrington/Valg Nasty is crushing people left and right, and Maeve is a crazier bitch than ever. Honestly this book is damn long and packed with action to write summary that does it justice. Here’s a Goodreads summary if you want something more legit than that.

REVIEW: This book gave me high blood pressure. The tension was at an outrageous level and I kept having to put it down and take deep breaths before I landed myself in the hospital. Maas is INCREDIBLE at upping stakes, upping them again, and then having it all crest into a wave of feels. And then I wind up sobbing on the stairs while my confused husband looks on. The plot twists were unreal, and I flipped pages in awe as so many threads came together. I don’t know how Maas juggles everything in these books.

This is one of the few books where the main character is not my favorite. I LOVED Aelin in Crown of Midnight and Heir of Fire, but she’s slipped to number 5 on my favorites list. Maybe number 9 in EOS. There’s much less of her voice in this book, and like Queen of Shadows her plans are kept secret until the last minute. It makes it more exciting, but I don’t feel as close to Aelin as I want to be. That being said, Sarah wielded the insane amount of POVs in EOS masterfully. If I had to pick just one thing that she excels at, it would be characterization and building relationships through these POV’s. Each character has such a different voice and story, and I am head over heels for every one of them. Except Maeve. That bitch needs to die.


The ending destroyed me. I won’t say much because everyone needs to experience that wonderful hell on their own. But have tissues ready. Like, ten boxes. I put the end off for days, but finally found myself face down in my carpet, bawling my eyes out over the last twenty pages. I haven’t cried like that over a book EVER. I had to be coaxed back from the abyss that Maas shoved me down with copious amounts of whisky, Rowaelin fanart, and multiple late night rants about the unfairness of it all. Bravo to Maas for that unexpected, heart wrenching ending.



(and why I almost gave it 4 stars instead of 5..)

It was hot. I had the jumping around, eeeee-ITS-HAPPENING thing going on. To which my husband asked, “What, did she give that hawk-dude soup or some shit?” (I made him suffer through ACOMAF audio book on a road trip… we listened to chapter 55 three times. I highly recommend it, if only because you get to hear some chick say “his considerable length sprang free.” Just try and keep a straight face. You can’t.)

ANYWAY. After ACOMAF, hordes of fans were thirsty little bitches for some Rowaelin smut (and I was one of the thirstiest, I’ll admit). I’m guessing she went into EOS knowing that she’d have cough up scenes of characters getting jiggy to please the masses. I get it, but..the sex scenes don’t seem to really fit. None of the previous books are nearly as explicit (looking at you Chaolaena), and in EOS it seemed as if Maas was some magical smut fairy, sprinkling that shit everywhere to keep us at bay. The timing and instances of the scenes seemed off to me, especially in comparison to ACOMAF. The smut carrot was dangled in front of us for half the book, and then just rammed down our gullets. Take Rowan and Aelin. They’re at war, they’ve been “too tired” all book to hop on it (seemed like a weak ploy to build hype), and suddenly they’re banging it out on a beach (side note: can you imagine all that sand in all those orifices.. yikes). But the night AFTER THEIR WEDDING was completely glossed over by something along the lines of “they had a fifteen minute quickie.” What. NO. YOU CAN’T DO THAT. I don’t want characters boning in a sand pit, I want that tender post-marriage coitus!

Also, Dorian and Manon. What the hell and why. Maybe it was to officially sink the Manon and Elide ship? Don’t get me wrong, I definitely enjoyed the scene, but it seemed unnecessary and again, more just to appease our thirstiness than anything. After everything with Sorscha last book, Dorian decides to get all kinky with Manon? They say the quickest way to get over someone is to get under someone else, but maybe not when said someone got her pretty head chopped off by your father. I love their banter, but I wish their relationship had been built up beyond flirtatious comments before they started bumping uglies.

Not so smutty (yet, hehe) but Lorcan and Elide? WOW. Not a fan of either of them in the previous books, but I adored their dynamic in EOS. Elide being entirely unimpressed with the most powerful Fae in the world who also happens to be 500 years old, Lorcan trailing after this human woman like a puppy dog… Their POV’s were my favorite. Though if Maas includes a POV for Fenrys in the next book, he could take the cake.

Overall, a freaking awesome book. I fully plan on rereading it once I recover from the mess it made of my life. And preordering the next one … I drove THREE HUNDRED MILES and went to four different book stores before I found it. GOD DAMN YOU BACKWOODS ALASKA.


So what did you all think about EOS? Anyone else spend a week completely lost and heartbroken after finishing it? Let me know!

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