WWW Wednesday: September 21

Hi everyone! So I’ve had the work week from hell to put it lightly. Just a maelstrom of 14 hour work days, skipped meals, and endless meetings. So I’m sneaking away for a moment to cheer myself up and take part in my first weekly meme! WWW Wednesday is hosted by Sam at Taking on a World of Words, and if you want to participate too, just answer the questions below and link your post in Sam’s comments.



  • What are you currently reading?
  • What did you recently finish?
  • What do you think you’ll read next?



Silver in the Blood :: Jessica Day George

Okay, so ‘currently reading’ is a bit of a stretch. I literally just cracked the binding on this one last night and fell asleep with my nose in the book after a glorious twenty pages (14 hour days remember..) My husband had to pry it from my snoozing fingers. BUT, I’ve been oogling the cover for a while and finally brought this baby home from the library. It’s very different from the normal high-fantasy type of book I read, namely because it’s placed in the late 1800’s AND in New York/Romania. I usually shy completely away from any book taking place anywhere that I recognize, but the cover was too pretty to pass up. Anyways, it seems light and drama filled so far (maybe a little too much ..) but it provided me with some easy, turn-my-brain-off reading last night. The writing is very dumbed down and the characters heavy-handed, so who knows if I’ll actually finish this one (those are my two BIGGEST author pet peeves), but we’ll see! I’ll post my review when I’m finished. Anyone have any thoughts?

Goodread’s Summary


throne-of-glassThrone of Glass :: Sarah J Maas

Another reread for me… I’m in a Empire of Storms hangover that I just can’t shake, so I’m rereading everything Maas has ever written. And to be honest, I’m so surprised I even made it past this book.

It took me well over a week to finish this nasty the second time through.  The writing’s just so basic and overdone. So many exclamation points! And Celaena is such a spoiled little bitch, Dorian and Chaol are flat … overall though, it isn’t ALL that bad. I think just reading this immediately after EOS was mistake. Either way, SO GLAD I PUSHED THROUGH! If you’re just starting this series, don’t stop at this book I beg you. It gets so much better.

Goodreads Summary

My Review

throne of glass.jpg

Also what is this fugly old cover? Ew.


crooked kingdom.jpeg

Crooked Kingdom :: Leigh Bardugo

Been waiting on this one for a year and it finally comes out next week! Though seeing as how I live in the freaking North Pole, I probably won’t get it for another three weeks. Oh well, I’m due for a reread of Six of Crows anyway 🙂

Goodreads Summary

7 thoughts on “WWW Wednesday: September 21

  1. I know what you mean about reading books set in places you recognise. I’ve read a few books this year by an author who lives in the same city as me and her books are set here, too – they’re good, but I just couldn’t shake the weirdness! I do love 1800s New York as a setting though, and Romania also sounds good! Might have to look that one up.

    I have to admit that I did only make it halfway through Throne Of Glass. The newer covers are almost enough to entice me to try again, though.

    Here’s my WWW post for this week.


    1. You should definitely try Throne of Glass again! Not so much for Throne of Glass itself, but for the rest of the series. The firs tbook is a bit hard to power through, but so worth it. Silver in the Blood so far has been good (about half way)… I’m not sure if I’d whole heartedly recommend it, but it’s a light hearted and easy read 🙂 Thanks for stoping by!

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  2. Silver In the Blood is a gorgeous cover. I hope it gets better for you! I really need to try Throne of Glass. The synopsis turns me off because I’m not into that kind of fantasy, but I really enjoyed Sarah’s author book so fingers crossed. I also need to read the first book to Crooked Kingdom (I can’t remember the name :c ) but happy reading! 😀


    1. Six of Crows is the first book to Crooked Kingdom! Definitely recommend it 🙂 Same with Throne of Glass, though don’t let the first book turn you off. I’ve had a lot of friends who aren’t into fantasy in the slightest love it!


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